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About Me

I am Jacquelyn Alexis Majkut, A.K.A  JAX

Vampirism is a my interest. The Real and fictional, it stirs my mind in ways that have led me to study this practice. So after I finish working as security in the college pub, and doing homework in my second year of architecture, I read up on vampires.


Here I am

Till i get another picture this will just have to do. it was taken during work


  • I have four pericings. One in each ear and one in each nipple
  • I have four tattoos. First one, the symbol of the crow on my upper stomach, second, a dragon on the left side of my back , thrid , elf writing on each side of my soin, and forth one is a collection of vampiric symbols on the tops of my wrists. the symbols and their meanings are located on this site under 'the house of erebus' link