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The House of Erebus


The twelve vampire tribes of the House of Erebus
In the movies based on the comic blade there is a group of tribes of vampires, called the house of Erebus. Each tribe I felt showed a different fact of vampires, real or fictional. My first tattoo contains the symbols of Dragonetti, Ashe, Lemure, Kobejitsu and two others which aren't apart of the house. There are 12 tribes but only 11 symbols. Tribe called Faustians are twins and therefore are two tribes instead of just one.



This marking signifies members of The Ashe Tribe who are hyper-vulnerable to the toxic dangers of the modern world that plague the House of Erebus. Ultra violet rays, sunlight, silver and garlic are particularly lethal to these fragile descendants of the pure blood race.



This marking signifies members of The Cianteto Tribe of Mexico who were raised from the dead by the same witches that granted Montezuma his immense power. As present day warriors, they possess the strength of ten men and the ability to regenerate limbs lost in battle.



This marking signifies members of The Dragonetti Tribe which are influential sorcerers dating back to pre-Medieval times, and were reincarnated and returned to Europe as the first pure bred vampires.



This marking signifies members of The Faustinas Tribe, who are believed to have gained their "pure blood" status by practicing the black magic of Santaria. Beyond their physical strength, they also possess the ability to control minds, matter and the elements. Faustinas can only be terminated with a silver stake through the heart. After the heart has been pierced, the head must also be decapitated or The Faustinas will be reborn with more power than they possessed before



This marking signifies members of The Kobejitsu Tribe who are proficient assassins known as the Death Ninjas. Strong and agile possessing unusual stamina, the Kobejitsu can be identified by their red, bulging eyes. They are the only members of the House of Erebus that do not cast a shadow.



This marking signifies members of The Lemure Tribe of Rome who were originally evil spirits that inhabited corpses and turned the dead into immortal night stalkers. Known for their ability to seduce their prey, they are beautiful denizens of the dark and frequent underground raves and Goth clubs.



This marking signifies members of The Ligaroo Tribe of France which shed their skin during the night, turn into a ball of fire and methodically stalk their victims. They feed from the jugular of their prey and are the only Vampires that store blood for later use.



This marking signifies members of The Lobishomen Tribe who are linked to the werewolves of Brazil. It is believed that the original Lobishomen were killed by a werewolf and returned to earth as a vampire. Given the number of deaths attributed to werewolves, the Lobishomen is the largest clan in the House of Erebus.



This marking signifies members of The Tribe of Pallintine which hails from the Baltic region. They are some of the wealthiest industrialists in the House of Erebus. Over the centuries, the Pallintines have made a killing in farming, construction, and high tech. Their immense wealth has allowed them to assimilate into a society that is clueless about the danger that lurks next door.



This marking signifies members of The Upier Tribe who are born with a full set of teeth and razor sharp fangs. Originally from Eastern Europe, these vampires are particularly dangerous and feared because of their ability to hone their lethal skills at an early age.


Von Esper

This marking signifies the members of The Von Esper Tribe who are the most violent and ruthless members in the House of Erebus. While most of the ruling Lords prefer to dwell peacefully and inconspicuously among the humans, Von Espers have a voracious appetite for bloodshed. They are proficient killers and are easily recruited to do the evil bidding of their leaders.