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The Alts

This are the Alts...the hosts of Mad Mad House


Five practitioners of "alternative lifestyles" a Wiccan, a Naturist, a Modern Primitive, a Voodoo Priestess and a real-life Vampire (known collectively as the Alts) rule the roost. Meanwhile, 10 ordinary folks move into the House as the Alts' Guests and compete against one another for the $100,000 jackpot.

Don the Vampire

Vampires believe in their inherent ability to acquire energy resources, including pranic energy, or Chi, from humans. Prana, a Sanskrit word meaning "life force," can be acquired from direct life-giving sources such as blood and sexual energy.

According to tradition, Don Henrie's life as a Vampire should be known only to his fellow creatures of the night. At this point in his life, however, he has elected to break this bond of silence and let the world know what it really means to be one of "The Chosen."


Avocado the Naturist

Naturists believe the human body is inherently dignified and worthy of respect. Many naturists live their lives in a "clothing optional" state.

David Wolfe, who prefers to be called "Avocado," is the author of best-selling books Eating For Beauty and The Sunfood Diet Success System. Avocado is considered by his peers to be one of the world's leading authorities on raw-food nutrition.


Ta'shia the Voodoo Priestess

Vodun (a.k.a. Vodoun, Voudou, Voodoo, Sevi Lwa) is a religion commonly called Voodoo (a name likened to an African word for "spirit"). A sacred religion, Voodoo is unlike the misrepresentations popularized in entertainment.

Iya Ta'Shia Asanti was raised in the Christian church, but later became disenchanted with it. As an adult, Asanti embraced the tenets of Voodoo and has spent more than a decade studying and training in the field of African spirituality. She is a co-founder of the Ifa Conference on African Spiritual Tradition, a priestess of Yemoja in the Ifa tradition, a civil-rights activist, a teacher of African traditions and culture, and an award-winning poet and journalist.


Art the Modern Primitive

Ritual suspension and other traditions of the "modern primitive" are based on Native American rites of passage and are accomplished through yoga, meditation, special breathing techniques and, according to practitioner Art Aguirre, "learning to program your mind to transcend the physical self."

A polite and thoughtful man, Aguirre is a professional piercing artist and body-modifier. His goal is to cover his own body with Polynesian and Marquesan art. A cancer survivor, he says that being a modern primitive is "all about a love of life...a primal urge" he is compelled to express.


Fiona the Witch

Wiccans, or Witches, practice Wicca, an Earth-based religion that honors a deity divided into male and female manifestations known as the God and the Goddess. Fiona Horne has practiced Witchcraft for more than 16 years. She specializes in casting spells and providing other magical support for matters of the heart.

A best-selling author, journalist, television/radio personality and musician, Horne's first book, Witch: A Magickal Journey (Thorsons/HarperCollins, 2000), is now in its third printing. Horne also authored 2001's Seven Days to A Magickal New You, and 2002's Magickal Sex A Witch's Guide to Bed Knobs and Broomsticks. Her new book, Witchin' A Handbook for Teen Witches, debuted in the United States in March 2003.