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Sexual Vampires


Any Vampire, or human for that matter, can be a Sexual Vampire. Anyone who preys upon another for sexual needs, desires or favors is called a Sexual Vampire. But only if that person takes more than they give in return.

We have all met them, male and female alike. They will use sex as a tool, a bribe, a force to gain what they want. Or use another person for their sexual needs, gratification, dependency or actual body flesh. These people will do anything to get what they desire; lie, promise, pretend, but in the end they care only for themselves. Once having attained their goals, they usually just leave the relationship not caring a fig for the feelings, needs or situation of the person left behind. However, this is not what we are speaking of when we say Sexual Vampire in this context.

Here we mean the actual Vampire, be it a blood drinking Vampire or an energy Vampire. The real Sexual Vampire is not that different from the Social Sexual Vampire described above. But in this case the Vampire is usually psychic, to a degree. First we look at the regular bloodist Vampire, either Classical or Inheritor, both male and female.

Like the Social Vampire, the real Vampire is out for what he or she can get with little regard for their victim, and victim is the proper terminology here. The Vampire will often use psychic strength to woo the victim, to make the person, usually human, become attracted to them, like them, want them. They also have been known to cajole, threaten, beguile, and use flattery as a tool -- as the Social Vampire will do.

The Sexual Vampire feeds off of the sexual energy, the sexual need, the dependence of their victims once a secure relationship is established. Most real Vampires do not have sex with humans, as I have stated before. Well, actually my husband has stated, 'Having sex with a human before or after feeding is like a human having sex with a cow before eating a hamburger.' Every Vampire I personally know, whom I believe to be real, has the same attitude. But there are a few Vampires who do indulge in the flesh sexual experience.

Once a relationship is established they do everything they can to cement the bond. They pick a person who is vulnerable. Someone who just came from an abusive relationship, someone who has been alone for a long time. Someone not described usually as beautiful or attractive, someone perhaps very over weight or who has no close ties. Very young or inexperienced people, etc. because these individuals are easier to conquer. Then the Vampire becomes the perfect mate, everything the person could ever have dreamed of; kind, generous, caring, loving, involved etc. However, this is all a ploy, as the Vampire uses his or her psychic power to bond and hold fast his prey, until the person is convinced they cannot live with out this special person. All the while and even more after, this Vampire is feeding on the sexual emotions, energies and desires of the victim.

In reality this Vampire cares nothing for the person. It is a hunt, prey and the Vampire is enjoying the hunt, the capture, the conquest and the prize of their labors -- and the emotions. The same is true with some Psi-Vamps, but in that case the actual physical energy from the sexual experience is fed upon more then the act or the emotions.

When the Vampire is satisfied he/she now has this person fully controlled, he/she begins to be not so nice, not so loving, hinting or boldly stating that if this person does not do exactly what the Vampire wants, he/she will leave. Another scenario is acting like some little thing done by the person is a great crime and that the person is lucky they bother to stay at all. By now the poor victim is so hooked by their love and need for the Vampire, and they are truly helpless under this threat of the loss of the relationship -- loss of the Vampire in their life. So they agree to anything, such as sex acts they do not like, the fact that they now may be expected to support this person and pay their bills or buy them expensive things.

How does that differ from the same maneuver by the Social Vampire? In the case of the real Vampire, the human victim has no chance of having their hurt be so strong that they leave because no matter how strong their hurt or pain is, the conscious and psychic controls used by the Vampire is something they can neither realize is happening nor can they prevent it from happening. There is also no hope in the mind clearing enough to see the truth that they are not being loved, just used. Because in the case of the Vampire, the minds are controlled as well.

The Sexual Vampire has the victims' blood, mind and body at his or her command and can pretty much do as they like with the victim. If the pain, fear and humility becomes too strong and the victim begins to want to end the relationship, the Vampire just goes back to the original controls, until the love bond in the victim, or the need, is strengthened to the extent that the person can not leave.

Yes, these are negatives and thank the stars there are not many around in comparison to real Vampires who tend to disdain human contact. But they are out there and it is the hunt, the conquest and the sexual dependency of others that they feed from, and must have, to survive.